The 2019 major exhibition at Tjolöholms castle offers visitors a taste of British furnishings, textiles and fashion from the late turn of the century. When Blanche Dickson had her dream house built – Tjolöholm Castle – she chose a large part of the interior decor from the fashionable Liberty department store on Regent Street in London. Tjolöholm, in collaboration with the Fashion and Textile Museum and Liberty in London, tells the story of this innovative lifestyle store.

Soft velvet in warm rich tones, oriental mysticism, silk with sophisticated patterns, fine carved oak furniture influenced by medieval romance, Moorish carpets, Japanese kimonos – all this and more were available at Liberty Department Store on Regent Street in London. At the turn of the century, Liberty had emerged as an important trend creator in the latter part of the 19th century.

The store attracted prominent artists and intellectuals, including Oscar Wilde, William Morris and the artist group Pre-Raphaelites, as well as a public that had taste for the new trends of the time, the Liberty customers were considered to have refined taste and supreme aesthetics, sometimes to the extent that the newspapers made fun of them. Since then, the department store has maintained an atmosphere of bohemian elegance and still remains at the same address on Regent Street today.

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