kungsparken-picknick-43-1.jpgMother’s Day might not be the most praised holiday, and some might say it’s all about consumption. But in essence, the day is about appreciating the ones you hold dear, right? No matter if it’s your mom, sister or a friend. Celebrate with a picnic in one of the many parks and gardens and prepare for it by paying a visit to the shops and cafés in Gothenburg that hold Mother Earth extra close to heart.

Perfect picnic spots just around the corner

The month of May normally means good weather, so why not enjoy a cosy picnic on the green? Right in the heart of Gothenburg the park Kungsparken and The Garden Society of Gothenburg stretch along the canal, and both offer lush and calm environments that are almost impossible to resist.

Want to get away from the city centre? In the city park Slottsskogen you can be sure to find the perfect spot. Cross the road and you’ll find Gothenburg Botanical Garden with its impressive plantings and green environment. This is a place that easily makes the mind drift away. Of course, there are plenty of great places you could visit to unfold your picnic blanket. Visit our picnic guide for more inspiration.

The most important meal of the day …

… some say it’s breakfast, but on Mother’s Day isn’t it the meal you choose to eat together?  Whatever time it takes place. Visit Cum Pane to take a freshly baked bread with you, and perhaps a cinnamon bun or two? At Fram Ekolivs, an eco-friendly grocery store, you’ll find everything you need to cook a nice meal. Do you want to bake something yourself? Don’t forget to bring your own jars for their selection of bulk foods. And to satisfy your thirst, go to Juicekällan for a nice organic juice or smoothie.  

Those eager to celebrate Mother’s Day in a true Gothenburg manner do well to visit Burfiskarna as they dock by the Eriksberg quay every Friday. Here, you’ll find fresh seafood sold straight from the boat.

What about the weather

If it should come down to be a rainy day on May 26 there’s no need to feel sad. There is also a great deal of nice restaurants and cafés that holds Mother Earth close to heart. Eco-friendly Kafé Marmelad in neighbourhood Majorna is a real gem if you’re looking to go for a cosy fika. Also, Baka Stenugnsbageri by the Eriksberg quay has a perfectly relaxed feeling to it, with an equally lovely view. Check out more cafés, here.

Do you want to go out for dinner instead? No problem. There are lots of eco-friendly restaurants in the city as well. Restaurant Natur, Restaurant Familjen, Matsalen på Folk and West Coast, to name a few. Get to know more restaurants, here.