Christian Hoedl tells about a woman who made a strong impression during his childhood in the Tyrolean Alps – Johanna Maier. She started and still runs a well-renowned restaurant in Austia where everything – from selection of meats and vegetables and how it was prepared, to the display of the dishes, the interior of the restaurant the menus and even the clothes of the staff is carefully handled down to the smallest detail. The strive for all-covering perfection is significant for Christian Hoedle’s work. Without tipping over to sterile minimalism the artist uses sharp needles and exact stitches to create an impeccable finish with a nerve and a tone that cuts through the surface.

Hoedl finds inspiration in contemporary dancers - their precise techniques and unique expressions. He admires their endurance and their ability to constantly redefine postures. Already during his early childhood Christian Hoedl got to know high quality cotton and many different interpretations of cotton into fabric. The last generation of amazing and newly developed threads, has given him a large number of possibilities to work with and moves his work into new directions.


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