Thörnströms Kök

Michelin starred restaurant Thörnströms Kök celebrates Christmas at both their main restaurant and at Privata rum, their more private venue close to Kronhusbodarna in central Gothenburg. At Thörnströms Kök you can expect a classic Swedish Christmas dinner filled with tasty food and drinks. Read more here.

Skansen Kronan

Enjoy a classic Christmas dinner at Skansen Kronan, Gothenburg's highest located restaurant. Skansen Kronan is almost 400 years old, which makes it one of Gothenburg's oldest historical buildings. Book your Christmas dinner at Skansen Kronan by sending them an email. For more information visit

Porter Pelle

Porter Pelle is located at Klippan, the dockside of Gothenburg's harbour. Enjoy beautiful views of Gothenburg's city centre and the bridge Älvsborgsbron while indulging in tradtional Swedish Christmas delicacies. Here Porter Beer and the special Christmas blend 'Mumma' are served. Visit their website for more information and booking.


Customise your own Christmas party and enjoy French Christmas dinner at Boulebar. Of course, games and cinnamon shots are included in the Christmas dinner packages. Choose between a menu with meat options or a vegetarian one. Read more here.


The restaurant Sjömagasinet invites you to a Christmas dinner composed by legendary chef Ulf Wagner. They offer a 4 or 5 course menu with favourites from their usual Christmas buffet. Located by the sea, the restaurant is specialized in seafood. Do not miss their multiple choices of herring and salmon. Read more and book here.

Långedrag värdshus

Get in the festive spirit at Långedrag värdshus, 15 minutes from Gothenburg city centre. You’ll be able to enjoy stunning views of the ocean and a traditional Swedish Christmas buffet. Read more.


Fiskekrogen is an iconic seafood restaurant in Gothenburg and the Christmas buffet is something special. This year they will pick all the delicious highlights from the buffet and serve them at the table. Fish is a central piece in any Swedish Christmas dinner and Fiskekrogen offers plenty of delicious variations of pickled herring as well as their signature codfish balls. Read more.

Christmas dinner at River on the Pier

Out on the pier in Gothenburg's channel, you will find restaurant River. This year's Christmas supper is served at the table. You can find booking details here.

Puta Madre's Mexican Christmas dinner

Experience a Mexican Christmas at Puta Madre. Forget jam, ham and Christmas porridge. Instead, enjoy Mexican delicacies together with tequila! Homemade cake and coffee as dessert. You will also find a vegan and vegetarian menu. For more information and booking, see Puta Madre's website.

Seaside Björkö

Experience Christmas in the Gothenburg archipelago at Restaurant Seaside Björkö. A real archipelago Christmas buffet inspired by the proximity to the sea. Choose between a Christmas buffet as lunch or dinner, a Christmas-inspired 3-course menu or a "family dinner" that is served directly at the table on a plateau. Read more.

Isbolaget, Dönsö 

Isbolaget on the island Donsö invites you to the Gothenburg archipelago for a wonderful Christmas 3-course dinner with the sea as your view. They offer dishes inspired by the sea, as well as classics like Christmas ham and "Janssons Frestelse". Read more here.

Tullhuset, Hönö

Tullhuset on the island Hönö also offers Christmas in the archipelago. Here you won't find Christmas ham or meatballs, instead Christmas is celebrated with a pure seafood buffet. For more information and booking, see Tullhuset's website.

Knarrholmens restaurang

Knarrholmens restaurang organises Christmas dinners in the archipelago, served on their roof terrace and accompanied by live music. The price also includes chartered ferries to the island. Delicious dishes from the sea and Christmas buffet classics come together. Make your reservation here.

Gunnebo House and Gardens

Gunnebo House and Gardens is a well-preserved 18th century estate only 15 minutes from central Gothenburg. You find the restaurant in the middle of the kitchen garden, where the flavours from the harvest create the organic Christmas dinners, lunches and breakfasts. Read more at Gunnebo's website.