Now you can help these families in different ways. This year Gothenburg City Mission offers a digital gift shop where your money will be transformed into Christmas gifts, gift collection places at the shopping mall Femman and Hotel Eggers, as well as a unique second hand store at Vallgatan where the money then are being used to buy presents.

Digital gift shop

This digital gift shop opens on November 20. All of the money from this gift shop will be transformed into Christmas gifts that will be handed out in their physical gift shop.

Bring a gift to one of the collection places

If you wish to buy a gift card or Christmas gifts to give to people in need you can leave them at the gift collection at either the shopping mall Femman or Hotel Eggers.

Gothenburg City Mission prefers gift cards rather than actual gifts. There is a value in families choosing their own gifts for the children. They know what their children want and what they need.

With a gift card, parents can go to a shopping mall or a store and pick whatever they want. That is an opportunity most of us are taking for granted. This is also a reason for why we unpack all the incoming physical gifts in a store where parents are able to come and choose on their own.

Second hand store at Vallgatan

This unique second hand store opens at Vallgatan 12 in collaboration with Göteborg & Co and the main focus will be on sustainability.

The store will be open every Thursday – Sunday during December. In this store you pay what you want for the products.

You will have the opportunity to buy clothes, accessories and other things, as well as soup made from rescued ingredients. The food will be served on porcelain from the City Mission's own second hand stores. The income will be invested in the organisation's activities in helping people in need, both in the short and long term perspective.

Be catious when visiting the store, only go there if you feel healthy and are showing no symptoms whatsoever.