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Best of Gothenburg

City Photo Tour takes you on an inspirational tour in Gothenburg, where you'll be shown how to take postcard-like pictures. On the tour you will have a guide who knows the city and will show you some useful photo tips along the way.

You get stories from the past and now told with a personal touch. To walk around the city through the alleys, past squares, over bridges and places you just have to see is fantastic when you have your own photographer with you to show how you develop your photography skills.

Gothenburg by Night

Gothenburg with a history of seafaring and water is stunning at night. Sweeping panoramas, reflections in the water that reveals Gothenburg's amazing architecture. During the evening, you'll pass famous landmarks like the Opera House and Feskekörka.

Furthermore, the tour takes you through alleyways, canals, squares and then turn towards the center of town and along the moat. Along the tour you will be inspired by the city at night with light trails from cars and trams. City Photo Tour shows how to creatively take better night shots using both flashlights and natural light.

Slottsskogen with Swedish breakfast

Take the oppurtunity to capture the magic morning light by coming along for an exciting tour at dawn. Observing nature and animals are our goal during this morning tour, along with photography.

Heading out before first light while the city is still asleep is a wonderful moment. An empty Gothenburg with a few late night walkers on the way home at dawn. You'll walk into the large city park Slottsskogen to enjoy nature and animals. Slowly and silently, we walk through the forest to not disturb the natural inhabitants of the park. In the wild you can find both hares, deer and a variety of bird species. On the tour, the guide who is also an experienced photographer has prepared a Swedish breakfast just in time for sunrise. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee and the magic light with City Photo Tour.


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