Alternatives, prices and purchase options

What's included in Gothenburg City Card?

Free entrance to attractions and museums, free sightseeing, public transport and shopping vouchers. Read more at or in the City Card brochure. You can read, download or order the brochure on our homepage.

For how many hours are the Gothenburg City Card valid?

Göteborg City Cards sold between October and December are valid for 48 hours. 

Are there any student/senior/family discounts?

No, there are only adult and children cards. You are considered an adult from the age of 17. All individuals need one card each.

What are the terms for purchasing children's cards and what's the age limit?

Children are defined as up to and including the age of 16 (i.e. under 17). The ages when children start paying a fee at attractions differ between attractions. You can buy a maximum of four children's cards per adult card. City Cards for children are only available for families and not for school classes or youth groups. For information about school trips, please see

Where can I buy the Gothenburg City Card?

Gothenburg City Cards are sold at the Gothenburg Tourist Information Centres and selected retailers.

Can I buy Gothenburg City Card at the airport?

Yes, it's possible to buy the card at the Information Desk at Landvetter Airport.

Activation and validity

How long is an activated card valid?

Your Gothenburg City Card is valid for the number of hours you selected at purchase. The hours are counted from when you activate the card. For example, if you start using a 48 h card at 12noon on a Friday, it's valid until 12noon on Sunday. It's not possible to split the hours and use them on different occasions, all hours are consecutive.

Is the card activated when I buy it or do I activate it myself?

You choose which day and time you want to activate your Gothenburg City Card. This means that the card is not activated when you buy it but when you decide to start use it.

How do I activate my card?

Use an ordinary ink pen to fill in the information on the back of the card. Fill in date (from day/month/year until day/month/year) and time. All the fields have to be filled in for the card to be valid.

How long is a non-activated card valid?

The expiry date is written on the back of the card. The low season Göteborg City Card is valid 1 Octorber through 31 December 2017.

Can I return an unused card?

No, cards are non-refundable. A non-activated Gothenburg City Card can be used until the expiry date, which is stated on the back of the card, however no later than 2017-12-31. 

What's the policy for lost or stolen cards?

Lost or stolen cards are not replaced.


What are the opening hours for the different attractions?

Some attractions are only open during the summer/winter season, please see the City Card brochure. Many attractions that are open all year round can also be closed one/a few days a week. During public holidays, special opening times may apply. Always check the opening hours for the different attractions to make sure what’s open during your stay in Gothenburg.

Can I visit an attraction more than once?

No, the card includes one free entrance per attraction. 

Am I guaranteed a place at the various attractions?

All offers are subject to availability and can’t be pre-booked.

How does the Gothenburg City Card work at the attractions?

Your card is scanned/checked by the staff at every attraction.

What’s included for Liseberg Amusement Park?

The admission to Liseberg is included. Tickets for rides and attractions cost extra.


How does the card work on public transport?

With the Gothenburg City Card you travel for free all hours of the day on Västtrafik’s buses, trams, trains, and boats within the following local areas: Gothenburg, Ale, Alingsås, Bollebygd, Härryda, Kungsbacka, Kungälv, Lerum, Lilla Edet, Mark, Mölndal, Orust, Partille, Stenungsund, Tjörn, and Öckerö.

Scan the card in the card reader on board every time you use public transport. Don´t forget that the card also needs to be filed out on the back to be valid.

Can I visit the archipelago (small islands) with the Gothenburg City Card?

Yes, with Västtrafik’s trams, buses and boats you can visit both the southern and northern archipelago.

How does the offer 2 for 1 at the airport coaches work?

The offer is only valid when you buy your tickets on board the airport coach with your credit/debit card and a valid Gothenburg City Card. You can buy either a single or a return ticket.

Other questions or problems

What should I do if I have further questions or problems?

Please contact Gothenburg Tourist Information Centre via phone +46 (0)31-368 42 00 or email You can also visit the Gothenburg Tourist Information Centre at Kungsportsplatsen or in Nordstan.