Organic coffee in the neighbourhood Kvillebäcken


Alkemisten is located on the island of Hisingen, in the thriving neighbourhood Kvillebäcken. Expect to be served delicious organic coffee from friendly and knowledgeable baristas. Do try their organic drip coffee and if you’re in the mood for a snack, give their organic raw food-balls a try.
Gustaf Dalénsgatan 14

Coffee with love along the main boulevard Avenyn

Viktors Kaffe

Viktors Kaffe is located on a side street to the main boulevard Avenyn, just a stone’s throw from the square Götaplatsen and the statue of Poseidon. The small espresso bar is fuelled by passion and a genuine curiosity about coffee. They also host regular art exhibitions.   
Geijersgatan 7


A43 Coffee focuses on delivering coffee experiences. Here you can choose from a selection of coffee beans from both local and national roasting houses. You can also find home made pastries, or, if you're up for some lunch there's toast, pizzettas and salads on the menu!
Kungsportsavenyn 43

Bar Centro

Walk further down Avenyn, past Kungsportsplatsen and the statue Kopparmärra until you reach the street Kyrkogatan. Here, in a small, white-tiled café, Bar Centro has been offering coffee the Italian way for more than 15 yers and the hole in the wall-like coffee bar is as popular as it’s ever been. At night, the coffee bar transforms in to a small but popular and critically acclaimed restaurant.
Kyrkogatan 31

Award winning coffee and Italian charm in the city centre

Da Matteo

You can visit the local and award winning coffee chain da Matteo on the street Vallgatan, just around the corner from trendy shopping street Magasinsgatan. They offer coffee in all varieties as well as light meals and tasty treats. They have a large outdoor seating area that’s a favourite among locals from the moment the spring sunshine makes its appearance. 
Vallgatan 5

Bar Piccolino

There are plenty of Italian-style coffee shops in Gothenburg, and Bar Piccolino is one of the most popular ones. Located on a side street to Kungsgatan, the small but cosy bar offers tasty espressos and a familiar atmosphere that will have you coming back. 
Lasarettsgatan 1B

Records, bicycles and espresso in the neighbourhood Linné

Dirty Records & Café Santo Domingo

The street Andra Långgatan is lined with bars and pubs and also home to the café and record shop Dirty Records & Café Santo Domingo. Browse through the vast selection of records and enjoy delicious coffee made from coffee beans imported directly from farmers in the Dominican Republic.  
Andra långgatan 4


More high quality espresso is just a stone’s throw away, or a really short bicycle ride if you like. Kastello is a favourite café among bicyclists and a place where you’ll enjoy excellent coffee in all forms. They also sell an eclectic mix of clothes and gadgets.
Landsvägsgatan 38

Bar Italia

The coffee bar on the street Prinsgatan feels like a small part of Italy in the middle of Gothenburg. Bar Italia is perfect for a quick cup standing up, or if you want to, grab a seat at the small outdoor seating area. 
Prinsgatan 7