Darin, Photo/source: Karl Nordlund/Liseberg

Darin, May 11

Darin, on tour in Sweden and with a new album out, is due for Liseberg in May. Since his breakthrough on the tv-show Idol in 2004, he has released several albums of his own as well as written and produced songs for other artists. A few years ago he made a change of direction, writing his lyrics in Swedish and giving his music a more organic sound, which has become a great success. The last time he performed on Liseberg's main stage was in 2013, and now he is finally back. 

De vet du/Joakim Lundell, Photo/source: Liseberg

De Vet Du & Joakim Lundell, May 12

As the Youtube phenomenon Jockiboi, Joakim Lundell has drawn a large audience for years and when he made his debut as an artist under his own name in 2017 he hit the Swedish Top 5 with 5 singles. On May 12 both he and the musical humour group De Vet Du will enter Liseberg's main stage for the first time - and just like their Youtube videos, a liveshow with De Vet Du is sure to be unique, fast-paced and sharp. Buckle up!

Silvana Imam, Photo/source: Liseberg

Silvana Imam, May 25

Silvana isn't known for her subdued performances, so prepare for a grand, including, scorching hot and current show when she takes the stage in May.

Tove Lo, Photo/source: Liseberg

Tove Lo, May 30

Tove Lo likes to challenge and doesn't avoid the deep or uncomfortable feelings. Her lyrics, rich in contrast and deeply sincere, and the grunge-influenced sound have awarded her great success, not least in the US, and her debut on Liseberg's main stage will be a night to remember.

Mando Diao, Photo/source: Liseberg

Mando Diao, June 1

One of Sweden's greatest live bands! Last year Mando Diao released their latest album and has toured Europe and Japan since then. Now they are finally back on Liseberg's main stage and it'll be hard not to get caught up in the rush.

Hollywood Vampires, Photo/source: Liseberg

Hollywood Vampires, June 6

Wow, this is gonna be one for the books! When Hollywood Vampires – rock legends Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, and Hollywood star Johnny Depp – unleash all the great rock classics on the 6th of June, Sweden's national day, "all in" is likely to be an understatement.

Queens of the Stone Age, Photo/source: Liseberg

Queens of the Stone Age, June 9

Grammy nominees Queens of the Stone Age delivers heavy, riff-based rock and keeps pushing the entire genre forwards. Their latest album, Villains, was dubbed "equal parts disco inferno and devil-may-care experimentation" by music website Pitchfork. They are one of the best live bands of our time and when they enter the main stage at Liseberg it will be unforgettable. Be there! 

Pussy Riot, Photo/source: Liseberg

Pussy Riot (RU), June 15

Provocative Russian punk band Pussy Riot was formed rather as a part of a concept than an actual band and has become one of the world's most reknowned art collectives. This summer they will perform in Sweden for the first time and their exclusive musical performance will without a doubt be a night of surprises.

The Offspring, Photo/source: Liseberg

The Offspring (US), support: No Fun At All, June 27

The Offspring is the quartet that led the punk revival in the 90's and they've given several great concerts in Sweden over the years. Last time they played the main stage at Liseberg was in 1999 and the concert in June promises to be just as amazing! The evening is kicked off by Swedish skatepunk band No Fun At All. NFAA opened for The Offspring at their Gothenburg concert back in 1994 too, and will also release a new album in time for the concert.

Daniel Norgren, Photo/source: Anders Engström/Liseberg

Daniel Norgren, July 4

With his roots in American folk music and blues, and lyrics that keeps captivating the audience, Daniel Norgren is desribed as a breath of fresh air on the Swedish musik scene. This summer he'll perform with his band on Liseberg's main stage for the first time.

The Sounds, Photo/source: Liseberg

The Sounds, July 12

The Sounds swept the Swedish indie music scene off its feet in 2002 with their debut album Living in America, and they have given their audience amazing live shows ever since. On July 12 they perform on Liseberg's main stage for the first time, offering that well-known energy that is so spellbinding.

Union Carbide Productions, Photo/source: Liseberg

Union Carbide Productions, August 24

When Union Carbide Productions, led by frontman Ebbot Lundberg, made their debut in 1987 they quickly became world famous for their provocative image and energetic rock music. After a short, chaotic career, where they helped vitalise the overproduced music scene of the 80s, the band split up in 1993. This summer they will briefly re-unite and on August 24 they are booked for an exclusive Gothenburg concert on Liseberg's main stage.

Säkert!, Photo/source: Liseberg

Säkert!, September 7

When Annika Norlin, already well-known as Hello Saferide, released her first album in Swedish in 2007 under the new stage name Säkert!, it became the start of a new success story and the album Däggdjur, which was released last year, has been celebrated by the critics. In September she goes on stage at Liseberg and we predict a gripping, spellbinding atmosphere.

Kapten Röd, Photo/source: Ellika Henriksson/Liseberg

Kapten Röd, September 14

Kapten Röd is the award-winning live performer who continuously extends the Swedish reggae scene. Join the dancing, backbeat party when he enters the stage at Liseberg for the fourth time, for the traditional Gothenburg conclusion of his summer tour!

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