Göteborg Landvetter Airport a climate-neutral airport

It’s always better to choose the train than fly, but if you arrive in Gothenburg by air it’s good to know that Göteborg Landvetter Airport is one of the best in Europe from the environmental viewpoint and is certified to the highest level of the Airport Carbon Accreditation scheme (3+).

Göteborg Landvetter Airport tackles environmental and sustainability issues in many ways: all electricity used at the airport comes from renewable sources; one of the multi-storey car parks is powered by solar panels, and heat is generated by biomass boilers and distributed by a district heating system. Motion sensors are installed to reduce energy consumption. There are also charging points for electric vehicles and the airport’s own vehicles have been replaced to ensure the lowest emission class.

Airport taxiways are also being made as short as possible so that plane engines are run as little as possible at the airport. Modern planes are used wherever possible, since they have lower emissions. Take-off fees for planes are reduced for those with lower emissions of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons.

Airport shuttle cuts your emissions by more than half

The airport shuttle bus from Landvetter departs every 15 minutes and stops at several central locations in Gothenburg. For a 30-kilometre journey the energy used per person is 7.3 kWh for the bus and 17 kWh for a car.

Around 75 per cent of airport shuttle buses currently run on pure RME, a biofuel made from rapeseed. Diesel-powered buses also use a proportion of RME. All buses are equipped with ramps and have space for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

The train fast, convenient and sustainable

Gothenburg has good rail connections and you can get here from the central stations in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen in just a couple of hours. Travelling by SJ trains is energy-efficient and produces low emissions. SJ trains run entirely on renewable electricity from wind and hydro power, and since 1994 all SJ journeys have been ecolabelled as a Good Environmental Choice by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC). When you travel between Gothenburg and Stockholm you can also take the MTR Express, which uses one of the most energy-efficient train types in Sweden.

Ferries convenient terminals and eco-certified travel

Stena Line ferries run from Gothenburg to Denmark and Germany. The company’s terminals in Gothenburg are close to the city centre, which makes it easy to continue your journey in the city on public transport – by ferry, tram or bus. Stena Line vessels and the terminals in Gothenburg are environmentally certified to ISO 14001. In 2011 the Port of Gothenburg received the Sustainable Shipping Award for “Regional Environmental Protection Contribution”. The port was also the first in the world to provide onshore power to vessels at berth.

Buses several eco-certified companies

Travelling to Gothenburg by bus, from Oslo or Copenhagen, for example, is also a good choice for the environment. Swebus Express and Nettbuss Bus4You are both certified as a Good Environmental Choice by SSNC.

Map for electric cars

For those who travel to Gothenburg by electric car there are charging points along the route in Sweden and in Europe. You can find them easily using the Tesla destination map

Göteborg Energi also provides a map showing where you can charge your car in Sweden.

In Gothenburg

Walk or cycle

Most points of interest in Gothenburg are within walking or cycling distance, and the city operates a popular rental bike system called Styr & Ställ, with 1,000 bikes available from 69 stations located between 300 and 500 metres apart. The bikes are easy and inexpensive to use, and you can leave your bike at any station you want. This means you can pick up a bike outside your hotel, ride to your meeting, and drop the bike off at the nearest station.

Public transport

Every day,  about 950 000 travels are made by public transportation in the Västra Götaland Region. About 94 per cent of the passenger kilometers were operated using renewable energy in 2016.

A large network of buses, trams and ferries make up the public transport system in Gothenburg. Commuter trains and express buses provide travel outside the city to neighbouring municipalities. The trams run on electricity, so they do not generate any carbon dioxide emissions. Out of the 2,800 buses in the fleet, 25 per cent run on biogas, ethanol, biodiesel/RME or renewable electricity. The electricity they use is certified as a Good Environmental Choice and comes entirely from renewable sources.

ElectriCity buses of the future running in Gothenburg

ElectriCity is an exciting collaborative initiative between industry, research and society in Gothenburg that is developing and testing solutions for tomorrow’s sustainable public transport system. On route 55 you can travel on silent, zero-emission buses that pick up passengers indoors and run on renewable electricity.

Assistance and accessibility for public transport

To improve the accessibility of public transport, Gothenburg has travel guides who can assist travellers, and free assistance can be arranged when travelling with Västtrafik. A travel planning app (Reseplaneraren) permits journey planning with various accessibility requirements, such as space for a wheelchair or onboard announcement of each stop.

Gothenburg Central Station is accessible to everyone and an assistance service can be arranged. You can find more information about assistance, meeting places, guide routes, etc., here: http://www.dinstation.se/goteborgs-centralstation/tillganglighet/


The two main taxi companies in Gothenburg – Taxi Göteborg and Taxi Kurir – are both certified to different environmental management standards. Taxi Göteborg is certified under the Safe Green Taxi scheme (Säker Grön Taxi), which is run by the Swedish Taxi Association and can be described as an ISO system for taxis. The drivers are trained in eco-driving techniques which on average reduce emissions by 13 per cent. Taxi Kurir has set up the Kurir Quality certification system, which is fully ISO certifiable and is similar to Safe Green Taxi. Eighty-five per cent of its vehicle fleet are low-emission vehicles.

Where to charge your electric car

In Gothenburg you can charge your electric car at one of the many charging points.

Tesla also has charging points for electric cars at the Avalon Hotel and Gothia Towers.