Everyone is welcome to join in the activities included in the admission fee. You will meet Alfie in spooky theatre performances and exciting story sessions, where actors and storytellers read aloud. Movies are also on the schedule.

Apart from being fun, these events highlight the importance of reading aloud and tie in with the “Reading Holiday” project, organised by the Reading Movement (Läsrörelsen) and “The City Where We Read to Our Children”, an initiative by the City of Gothenburg.

All children deserve a good start in life, and learning to read is one of the keys. Reading aloud to children boosts their ability to read, and it is never too early to start. Ghosts, bats and spiders will move into Alfie Atkins Cultural Centre during the autumn break. And if you are really brave you can visit the monster in the wardrobe.

Psst! In Daddy Atkins’ (PAPPA ÅBERG’S) gift shop you will find all the 26 Alfie Atkins classics for sale - perfect for cozy reading times together.

The number of visitors is limited. Everyone needs to pre-book, even if you  have an annual year card or pre-purchased ticket. Pre book your ticket here.


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