Sweden's best café 2015.

White Guide

The local coffee shop chain has several cafes in town and two of them are found at the popular square on Magasinsgatan.

Magasinsgatan is one of the most popular streets in Gothenburg. Here you will find trendy fashion shops, bars, restaurants, food trucks and more. da Matteo's two cafes in the area are always filled with people.

At da Matteo Magasinsgatan the bread and pastries are baked and the coffee is roasted. Don’t hesitate to ask the bakers and roasters about their craft. On the opposite side of the sqaure lies da Matteo Vallgatan. The cafe's outdoor terrace is incredibly popular – mostly because of the sunny location. From early spring until late autumn, locals come here in hoards to have pizza and drink Italian lemonade or coffee.

You are of course most welcome to da Matteo during the colder days as well. Enjoy the food and beverages in their own orangery, which you will find in the corner of the square.

Contact: Vallgatan

Address: Vallgatan 5
Stop: Grönsakstorget
Phone: +4631130609
Website: http://www.damatteo.se

Contact: Magasinsgatan

Address: Magasinsgatan 17A
Stop: Grönsakstorget
Phone: +4631130515
Website: http://www.damatteo.se