On the menu you will find delicious dumplings and wontons and in the bar you´ll find an equally delicious mix of writers, artists and locals. The food is imaginative and not very expensive.

The resaurant at Polhemsplatsen is Dubbel Dubbel's largest and in addition to delicious dim sum-dinners you can also enjoy lunch here.


Contact Surbrunnsgatan

Address: Surbrunnsgatan 8
Stop: Järntorget
Phone: +46 31 130404
E-mail: hej@dubbeldubbel.se
Website: https://www.dubbeldubbel.se/surbrunnsgatan

Contact Kastellgatan

Address: Kastellgatan 14
Stop: Brunnsgatan or Prinsgatan
Phone: +46 31 130400
E-mail: kastellgatan@dubbeldubbel.se
Website: www.dubbeldubbel.se/kastellgatan

Contact Polhemsplatsen

Address: Polhemsplatsen 5
Stop: Centralstationen
E-mail: city@dubbeldubbel.se
Website: www.dubbeldubbel.se/polhemsplatsen