World class restaurants, experimental food rebels, trendy bars and a rolling armada of food trucks – Gothenburg has it all. Book your trip, skip lunch and come hungry.

Where to go for dinner

Fish and shellfish out of this world, innovative kitchens, hip food trucks and Michelin-starred restaurants that use the finest locally grown produce. No wonder food lovers feel right at home in Gothenburg.

The beer capital of Sweden

Ever heard of Stigbergets, Poppels, All in Brewing or Dugges? You should. Gothenburg is one of Europe’s hottest hubs for craft beer and the breweries are among the best in the world.

Local dives, trendy cocktail bars and a vibrant nightlife

In Gothenburg you'll find everything from busy bars to cosy pubs. Fridays are highlighted by popular after work sessions and some places serve a complimentary buffet to celebrate the weekend. Most bars stay open late – and there are plenty of clubs if you want to dance the night away.

Green, sustainable and locally grown

Vegetarian, vegan, organic and locally produced food – in Gothenburg sustainability often takes centre stage.

Swedish Fika – a must-try

The Swedish tradition ”fika” (meaning to take a break, sit down with a friend for a cup of coffee and some baked goods) has become a world-wide sensation. Here's where to have it.

Perfect settings

Sometimes, where you have your dinner (or beer, or coffee) is as important as what you eat and drink. In Gothenburg, you'll find everything from rooftop bars to waterside dining.

Meals on the go

Don't have the time for a seated restaurant meal? No worries! Gothenburg has plenty of food trucks, bakeries and delis to feed you.

Brunch buffets and Swedish breakfast

Start your day right and you'll have more energy to explore the city. In Gothenburg you'll find everything from American pancakes to Swedish oatmeal, fruity smoothies and freshly baked croissants.