EKTA is the moniker used by Swedish artist Daniel Götesson (b. 1978). Ekta’s art is an endless string of variations, progressions, evolutions and involutions, a coherent incoherency of approaches and a recurring process of creation and destruction which evades and completes at the same time the contradictory ideas of perfection and failure.

The production of the Swedish artist could be seen as a rhythmical and relentless fluctuation between two extremes. In his work a strong need for boldness, bright colors and perfect composition comes necessarily along with the desire for its destruction by a craving for roughness, violent gestures and by a fascination for the aesthetically unpleasant. Driven by the need of moving forward, of challenging materials, rules and aesthetics, Götesson has never lingered into easy choices or repetitions, but he has instead chosen to allow himself and his practice to step into the world of the unexpected which is where an artist can find the best intuitions, but also has to embrace uncountable failures. Engaging in an uniquely brave process of creation and destruction, of perfection and self sabotage, Ekta does not search neither for a breakthrough nor for a pleasing solution because there is no need for a chorus on a melody which already finds its strength exactly in its uneasy balance, shifting aesthetic and relentless process.


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