Emma LandströmWe visit the designer duo at their office and showroom a stone's throw from the shop in Gothenburg. Marine-inspired clothes with patterns of all thinkable kinds – from stripes and anchors, seals, plaice, shrimp, honeysuckle and the now iconic mackerell.

– We are very much inspired by the life and history of the island Käringön and the west coast with old patterns and designs that people wore back in the days, says Emma Landström and adds that the 1950s is a main design influence.

In 2004, they were asked if they wanted to run a shop for the summer season at the small island Käringön, 80 kilometres north of Gothenburg. This was the first step towards a full-fledged fashion brand and the summer shop is still going strong.

– Emmamalena is our take on Käringön and the west coast, says Malena Ostwald.

Malena Ostwald

The concept is based on the catchphrase 'modern marine fashion' and includes comfortable clothes for babies, kids and adults, The shop opened at Vallgatan in 2006 and is today focusing solely on garments from their own brand, with complementary accessories.

What does the location at Vallgatan mean to you?
– We want to be represented in Gothenburg and the nearby shops and atmosphere here is very appealing to us. We have been here since the start and a lot has happened here over the years, says Malena.

How would you describe the atmosphere?
– You can easily spend a whole day in the neighbourhood around Magasinsgatan and do some shopping, grab a coffee and have a nice dinner and drinks, says Malena.

The clothes are produced in a small factory in Portugal and the duo is visiting at least twice per year. They are involved in developing the materials and the tricot fabrics are certified according to OEKO-Tex.

The Emmamalena shop is located at Vallgatan 4, but you can also find a second location during summer's at the island Käringön.

5 things to do on the west coast, by Emma and Malena

1. The restaurant Petersons krog at the island Käringön

The car-free island Käringön, around 80 kilometres north of Gothenburg, is offering tranquility, complete with seagulls and the sound of the sea. The Emmamalena store at Käringön is located next door from the restaurant Petersons krog, where they recommend to eat seafood and enjoy the ocean view.

2. Slussens pensionat på Orust

Bed and breakfast and restaurant on the large island Orust, also around 80 kilometres north of Gothenburg, famous for its charming and small-scale summer concerts.

3. Walk from Brännö to Galterö nature reserve

The island Galterö is a nature reserve with a family-friendly beach, and you can even reach it by walking on a small stretch of land from the larger island Brännö. Don't forget your picnic basket or buy something from the grocery store Brännö Handel.

4. Riverton Skybar

To experience Gothenburg as a harbour, Emma and Malena recommends a visit at the Hotel Riverton's Skybar, with great views of the harbour inlet.

5. Magasinskvarteren

The neighbourhood around the street Magasinsgatan, commonly referred to as, Magasinskvarteren, includes Vallgatan where the Emmamalena shop is located. You can also find plenty of other local brands, but also interior design shops, restaurants and cafés.