– Tyska bron is our, and Gothenburg's, first "beta restaurant" – we want to listen to our guests' expectations, since this is a very unique and important place in the city, Tobias Hamberg, CEO at Avenyfamiljen, explains.

Presently, you can order tasty bagels and sandwiches with avocado, Asian shrimps and smoky flank steak, smoothie bowls and poké bowls with ponzu salmon, avocado or sesame flank steak. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served.

But what the menu will look like in the future is not set in stone:

– We're humble in building something on this historically unique spot and that's why we want to try out different things and discuss the concept with our guests. This place belongs to everyone who lives in, and visits, Gothenburg.

The beta version of Tyska bron will be replaced by a final version in May 2019.

The bridge Tyska bron was built in the 1600s with a drawbridge construction, and in the 1950s cars could still drive here. The name comes from the nearby church Tyska kyrkan (German church).


Address: Tyska bron 1
Stop: Brunnsparken
E-mail: info@tyskabron.se
Website: http://tyskabron.se/