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Exhibition about gaming culture

A World of Games

Game on! The Museum of World Culture in Gothenburg features an exhibition on games and gaming through the ages.

Here, 4,000-year-old board games meet today’s gaming culture, with games from around the world side by side. In the exhibition, you can challenge friends, learn about forbidden games, and play copies of games from the collections. The die is cast!

From gods to gamers

In all times and places, humans have played together. Games are a way to meet and socialize – both physically and virtually. We can use them to resolve conflicts, predict the future, or connect with divine beings. Common to all types of games is that there are rules that the players must follow, rules that can vary across groups and across time and space.

Games and play have had an enormous impact on human development. Through games we practise many skills, not least sociability. Just as people evolve, new games are constantly evolving. You can follow this development from past to present in the exhibition.