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Dance performance


BLKDOG is a journey into the darkest room of the psyche. A deep dive into an inner battlefield and the hopelessness and fear a young person experiences before meeting adulthood. Scary and powerful, Botis Seva lets the audience be struck by razor-sharp choreography and awesome dancers.

RECKONINGS, , An evening of dance Reckonings: bold new voices in dance Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the current theatre, Sadler’s Wells commissions three works from a new generation of UK-based dance-makers. Julie Cunningham, whose work is concerned with gender identity, has recently launched their own company after dancing with Merce Cunningham and Michael Clark’s companies. Alesandra Seutin fuses urban dance languages with African styles to explore contemporary issues. While Botis Seva, from collective Far From the Norm, uses foundations of hip hop to create his own physical dance language. Credit: JOhan Persson