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Intimate musical story

Boye & Hörberg

A musical story of two pioneers.

An intimate musical story about pioneers Karin Boye and Barbro Hörberg, by Ingahlill Wagelin. 

Karin Boye and Barbro Hörberg. Two much-loved authors wrote poems exploring life, each in her own distinct style, with longing and melancholy as central themes. Their brilliant creativity wasn’t only expressed through timeless words, but also in Karin Boye’s curiosity about life and Barbro Hörberg’s famous sense of humour. 

Both women were born in Gothenburg – Boye in 1900 and Hörberg some 30 years later. Both were courageous pioneers. At a time when women often wrote under pseudonyms, Boye published her first poetry collection at a young age under her own name. Despite existing in a male-dominated world, Hörberg reached a wide audience with her songs portraying the everyday lives of women. Although both writers enjoyed fame during their lifetime, they still had to work hard to support themselves.  

Boye & Hörberg is a new intimate musical story based on the poetry of Karin Boye and Barbro Hörberg, created and performed by musical artist Ingahlill Wagelin. She lovingly portrays the two women and their approach to life. 


Musical direction, new composition, musical arrangements and music selection, Per Larsson. 
Concept, script and direction, Ingahlill Wagelin. 


Karin Boye / Barbro Hörberg, Ingahlill Wagelin. 
Musicians, Per Larsson and Viktor Turegård  

Boye/Hörberg Credits: Lennart Sjöberg

Boye/Hörberg Credits: Lennart Sjöberg

Boye/Hörberg Credits: Lennart Sjöberg