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Cari Cari (AU)

Psykadelic pop from Australia.

The Australian band Cari Cari has taken the music scene by storm with their unique fusion of rock, folk and electronic music. The band has gained a growing number of fans around the world thanks to their innovative and innovative music. Cari Cari’s music is full of energy and creativity, and their ability to blend different genres and soundscapes has made them one of the most exciting musical groups on the scene today. They have already performed at several major festivals around the world, including Roskilde Festival and Glastonbury.Cari Cari consists of singer and guitarist Stephanie Widmer and drummer Oliver Welter. Their collaboration has resulted in a magical musical chemistry that really shines through on stage.

The band’s latest album, “Anaana”, has been received positively by critics and music lovers alike. The album contains ten original songs, each with its own unique character and feel. From the hypnotic bass line of “Summer Sun” to the exuberant electronic soundscape of “Out of Sight”, Cari Cari has created a musical journey that takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster.

The band has an exciting tour ahead of them, where they will perform at several major festivals around the world. In August they will perform on Nefertiti’s stage!