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Choirs and artists

Concerts at Kungstorget

Enjoy enchanting choirs and famous artists at Kungstorget on December 15–19.

This December there’s a stage on the square Kungstorget in the city centre, where you can enjoy traditional choirs as well as a mix of up-and-coming and established artists. Take the chance to experience artists like Mari Boine, Maja Francis, Arvingarna and Malena Ernman!

December 15

16:15–16:45 Jorge Alceida
17:15–18:00 Härlanda Voces
19:00–20:00 Mari Boine

Mari Boine’s music combines jazz, folk, rock and her Sámi roots. She has inspired musicians all over the world, and we’re thrilled to welcome a living legend to Gothenburg.

Härlanda Voces is one of Gothenburg’s top youth choirs. The choir is made up of 40 singers between the ages of 15 and 25. Härlanda Voces are part of the choirs of Härlanda Church.

Jorge Alcaide is a versataile musician who has composed music inspired by all corners of the world.

December 16

16:15–16:45 Julia Frej
17:15–18:00 Hisingens kulturskola
19:00–20:00 Maja Francis

Julia Frej is a singer/songwriter/artist. Her big break came when she performed a translated version of Broder Daniel’s hit Shoreline, titled Vi är skuggor in the TV show Nyhetsmorgon. She has a new single out, soon a full album, and we’re thrilled to welcome her to the stage at Kungstorget.

Maja Francis has been described as the emo-version of Dolly Parton. Her sound is unique, intimate and emotional. A rising star no doubt, we are excited to welcome her to Gothenburg.

December 17

16:15–16:45 Månhunden
17:15–18:00 Lodolakören
19:00–20:00 Adolphson & Falk

Adolphson & Falk are looking back at a career spanning 50 years! An impressive feat that includes Swedish Eurovision contributions, popular radio appearances and of course the Christmas epic Mer Jul, currently with over 37 millions streams. We are so excited to have them join us for at Kungstorget.

The choir Lodakören’s wide repertoire of songs has made them one of Sweden’s most established choirs. Their Disney-medley and other Christmas favourites will bring out the Christmas spirit for sure.

Enjoy Månhunden’s catchy takes on everything from Frank Sinatra to Fleetwood Mac, along with folk/blues versions of their favourite Christmas songs.

December 18

16:15–16:45 Rasmus Blomberg
17:15–18:00 Gothia Show Chorus
19:00–20:00 Arvingarna

Arvingarna is one of Sweden’s most beloved bands, and have been so for over 30 years! It all started in a rehersal studio in Partille in 1989, and 32 years later Arvingarna has appeared in the Swedish Eurovision five times, represented Sweden in Eurovision Song Contest, had over 20 songs on the Swedish charts and received numerous awards. It’s a thrill to welcome them to Kungstorget!

Gothia Show Chorus is an all-women’s acapella choir, full of energy, with a wide repertoire.

December 19

16:15–16:45 Lily Arbor
16:50–16:55 Bragi
17:15–18:00 GUK – Göteborgs Ungdomskör
19:00–20:00 Malena Ernman

Malena Ernman is one of few artists to pull off the feat of combining a world class opera career with reaching a wider audience. She has had leading roles at opera houses in Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris and more, her records have sold triple platinum and her summer concerts at Dahalla are record breaking in the world of classical music. Don’t miss the opportunity to see a true international superstar at Kungstorget.

GUK, Gothenburg Youth Choir will perform a playful and festive program consisting of English carols and Swedish Christmas favourites.

Bragi will perform his own tribute to Gothenburg, Jul i Göteborg (Christmas in Gothenburg).

Friends Lovisa and Felicia have played music together for many years but it took until 2017 for them to form Lily and Arbor. Their songs often deal with self-examining, heartbreak and a longing for something else.