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Music festival

Clandestino Festival 2021

Festival at different locations in Gothenburg.

Clandestino Festival has been an annual event in Göteborg, Sweden since 2003 and features music, art and talks from urban and rural cultural environments created out of the waves of global orientation since the late 20th century until today.

The programme strives beyond multiculturalism understood as the contemporary metamorphosis of racism. The festival relates not only to alternative forms of music and diversity of margins, it challenges mainstream representations of ethnic differences at the same time as it provokes one to rethink multiculturalism in a new way, beyond binary folklorification, exotic and demonizing


  • 3 July — Ebo Krdum, Malmö Sommarscen
  • 7 August — Bab L’bluz, Nefertiti
  • 7 August — Vanligt Folk, Oceanen
  • 26 August — Goran Kajfeš Subtropic Arkestra x Avin Omar, Slowgold och Namna, Oceanen
  • 27 August — Mc Yallahxdebmaster + Islandman, Oceanen
  • 28 August — Sara Parkman & Astrid Sonne, Skeppet Sjömanskyrkan
  • 28 August — Maarja Nuut + Tootard, Oceanen
  • 29 August — Amanar, Oceanen
  • 29 August — Kayhan Kalor & Kiya Tabassian, Skeppet Sjömanskyrkan
  • 24 September — Duma, Oceanen
  • 9 October — Ebo Krdum, Folkteatern
  • 4 November — Nyege Nyege: Diaki, Authentically Plastic, Turkana och Menzi, Oceanen
  • 6 November — Etran de L’aïr + Kiko Dinucci, Folkteatern
  • 6 November — Altïn Gun, Skeppet Sjömanskyrkan
  • 17 November — Lea Bertucci + Siti Muharam, Oceanen
  • 18 November — Siti Muharam, Fashing, Stockholm
  • 27 November — Alogte Oho & The Sounds of Joy, Oceanen


Skeppet Sjömanskyrkan
The Museum of World Culture

Tickets and Festival pass

Tickets for a festival pass are 850 SEK and can be purchased here. Festival passes are valid for the concerts between the 26th and 29th of August as well as the premiere at Nefertiti on the 7th of August. As an attendee with a festival pass, you are eligible for a discount when purchasing tickets from Billetto to selected shows this fall. The discount code is “CLANDESTINO” (uppercase only).

Credits: Clandestino Festival