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Dancing in Gothenburg archipelago

Dance on Brännö Jetty

During several Thursday evenings and one Saturday, the well-known “Dance at Brännö Bridge” will be arranged this summer.

Lasse Dahlqvist, a Swedish ballad composer, lived on Brännö and made the island famous through his ballads. One of them with the title “Dans på Brännö Brygga”.

If you want to experience the traditional summer dancing, take the tram to Saltholmen, then the ferry out to Brännö. Between the pier at Rödsten and the dance at the pier in Husvik, there is a 30-minute walk.

During the summer Thursday dances, Styrsöbolaget will also depart with the serving boat Kungsö from Stenpiren at 18:45 and dock at Brännö Brygga for the dance. Then returning home at 22:30. For tickets to Kungsö, visit Billetto.

The bands this summer – Thursdays at 19:30–22:00

June 27 – Brännöpojkarna

July 4 – Deluxe Party Music

July 11 – Brännöpojkarna

July 18 – Stella

July 25 – Bettans Bluesband

August 1 – Brännöpojkarna

Saturday August 10 – Stackars pojkar med flera

Organizer: Brännöföreningen.

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Credits: Steam Pipe Production Studio