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Art and design exhibition

Form Follows Fiction

An art and design exhibition in gardens and parks in the Gothenburg region.

Eleven interconnected parts together form a spatial novel about the forgotten genius Milka Havel.

Form Follows Fiction by the art and design group Studio Mold highlights the fictional entomologist and artist Milka Havel who “lived” in 1571–1631. The art project must be seen and experienced as a spatial novel. With the exhibition, Studio Mold wants to highlight fiction as a driving force in artistic creation, the inevitable fictionalization of history writing and the importance of craftsmanship for the experience.

At Gunnebo Castle, Nolhaga Castle, Råda Manor, Sundsby Manor, Mariagården, Tjolöholm Castle, Jonsered Gardens and in more beautiful parks and scenic areas in Gothenburg’s surrounding municipalities, visitors will this summer be able to enjoy an exhibition with 11 interconnecting parts.

In some places the exhibition is located indoors, please check the opening hours before your visit. Read more here.

Credits: Form Follows Fiction

Pattern, graphics Johnny Friberg.

Pattern, graphics Johnny Friberg. Credits: Form Follows Fiction

Graphics, Johnny Friberg. Credits: Form Follows Fiction