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Club and live music

GO Club

The Göteborg Opera welcomes you to GO Club – an after-work live music venue for people who love discovery!

Have a drink, relax, enjoy good food and explore new, surprising musical encounters. Musicals, jazz, pop, songs and poetry – enjoy live music on the stage with good food and drink.

On several evenings throughout the season, the Small Stage will be transformed into GO Club. Arrive early to grab a bite before the live entertainment starts or turn up any time during the evening. You can buy food, snacks and drinks at the bar whenever you want, even after the entertainment starts.

The doors to the GO Club open at 18:00.

Programme January 26 – The Silver Screen

Film Music – opera, musical and instrumental.

Music from movies such as The Godfather, Mission Impossible, Psycho, Aristocats, The Wizard of Oz, The Deer Hunter and James Bond-movies in a dazzling show with nearly thirty participating singers and musicians.


Opera singers from the Göteborg Opera Chorus:
Jelena Dajic, Karin Fjellander, Ellen Larsson, Tiina Markkanen, Eugenia Babich, Karin Hammarlund, Sarah Pistorius, Erika Tordéus, Timothy Augustin, Tyler Johnson, Ryan Williams, Stefan Berkieta, Ivan Dajic, Tobias Nilsson, and pianist Bernhard Greter and oboist Geoffrey Cox. Chorus master: Mauro Fabbri.

Musical artists:
Jesper Blomberg, Natasja Jean-Charles, Åsa Sjöblom, and pianist Viktor Stener and basist Johan Ekenberg.
Stråkkvartett: Mattias Johansson och Yongmei Zhang-Gustafsson, violin, Martin Cederstrand, viola, Jani Fleivik, cello.

Presenter is musical artist Karin Mårtensson Ghods, and you will also meet pianist Bernard Matracki.

Upcoming club evenings

1 March
22 March
3 May

Credits: Ellika Henrikson

Credits: Tilo Stengel