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Film festival

Göteborg Film Festival 2023

The Nordic region’s largest film festival is happy to return to the cinemas in Göteborg. The film festival will also keep the digital screening room!

To create the magic atmosphere of a festival premiere for the audience watching from home, three to four new films will premiere in parallel every day, both in the cinemas and on Göteb​org Film Festival Online. The digital edition of the festival can only be streamed in Sweden.

Bringing the whole world to Göteborg has always been the festival’s motto, but the goal is also to be a springboard for new Nordic film out into the world. Every year the Nordic competition, Dragon Award Best Nordic Film, scrutinizes an upper-crust of competitors and the winner’s prize is 400,000 Swedish crowns.

Göteborg Film Festival began in 1979 and each year attracts more than 160,000 visits. In 2021 the digital edition attracted 425 000 visitors.

The festival’s industry section, with Nordic Film Market at the vanguard, is the foremost marketplace for Nordic film and TV drama as well as an important meeting place industry visitors from all over the world.

Yet the festival is not just about film and normally they also invite you to some 40 seminars as well as live music performances, art exhibits and many other activities.