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Literary festival

Gothenburg Book Fair 2024

The book fair is the Nordic region’s largest meeting place for the written word.

40 years of Gothenburg Book Fair

Gothenburg Book Fair 2024 will be the 40th in a row at The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg, as the fair celebrates 40 years.

Next years themes

Every year, a specific theme permeates the entire fair – a certain country or linguistic area, a region or a topical cultural issue.


The Sápmi theme at Gothenburg book fair 2024 will explore the sami culture, particulary the diversity within Sami literature. The Sápmi theme is presented in collaboration with the cultural institution Tjállegoahte, which is also the honorary guest of the fair in 2024, and the Sami author associations Bágo and Sámi Girječálliid Searvi.


With the theme space, Gothenburg Book Fair encourages discussions involving both technology and imagination, as well as the history and future of our existence.

About The Göteborg Book Fair

The Göteborg Book Fair is the most important event in Scandinavia for people in the book business. It is also a manifestation of arts and culture, a four day long literary festival, a tribute to freedom of expression and a place for readers and writers to meet and celebrate the power of stories.

Started in 1985 as a conference for librarians with 5,000 visitors the first time, the fair now gathers about 85,000 teachers, librarians and book lovers every year. Read more on Gothenburg Book Fair’s website.

Credits: Natalie Greppi

Credits: Emma Grann

Credits: Niklas Maupoix