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Swiming, cykling, running

Gothenburg Triathlon 2023

Welcome to the second year of the newly started Gothenburg Triathlon, around the fantastic surroundings of Lake Rådasjön.

The Gothenburg Triathlon was organized between 2014–2017 and became an appreciated competition by both beginners and experienced triathletes. Last year, the competition was started again by Mölndal Outdoor. The goal is to become one of Sweden’s established and recurring triathlon competitions.

Olympic triathlon – start at 09.00

1500 meter, swimming
40 kilometres, cycling
10 kilometres, running, competition class/exercise class

Exercise sprint – start at 10.00

400 meter, swimming
20 kilometres, cycling
5 kilometres, running, exercise class

Kids race

For children up to 15 years of age, starting at 13:00.

Start, change area and finish

Lake Rådasjön’s disabled swimming area, Mölndal.

For registration, please see website.
Time for the audience: 09:00–14:00.