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Concert, drag show

Gretli & Heidi Brothers feat. Gretli & Heidi – Male fantasies: A rattling drag variety show

With their unique instruments, Gretli & Heidi Brothers express their diverse masculinity in barhopping, heroic epics, mourning songs and spiritual contemplation.

They play on bottles, beer cans, glass bells, carillon, accordions, guitars and sing male songs.
In musical performances they express experiences and prejudices about the male role, the motherly love, the shame of failure, the spiritual life, the fighting romance, the brotherhood and the competitive instinct. Gretli & Heidi Brothers take a look at the men they are -want to be -and are expected to be. With their virtuosity they consolidate their position as rulers of the world.

In a supporting act, their sisters Gretli & Heidi are telling stories about their life in the Alps by performing music with instruments like crystal glassware and other everyday objects.