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Handball tournament

Men’s Handball World Championship 2023

The road to the gold starts in Gothenburg.

On 11–29 January 2023, The 28th Men’s World Handball Championship 2023 will be held in Sweden and Poland. The Swedish national team will play their preliminary and main rounds at Scandinavium Arena, Gothenburg.

A championship on home grounds creates magical, unforgettable moments for both the players and the audience. Secure your spot in the stands and get the chance to experience world class handball.

The final weekend will take place at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm. Other hosting cities are Malmö, Kristianstad and Jönköping.

Schedule matches in Sweden

  • Gothenburg Scandinavium Group C (Sweden) + main round group 2.

  • Malmö, Malmö Arena Group H (Denmark) + main round group 4.

  • Kristianstad, Kristianstad Arena Group G.

  • Jönköping Husqvarna Garden Group D.

  • Stockholm Tele2Arena Quarter finals + semi final + placement games + final.

The national handball team’s website: 2023