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Exhibition and guided tour

Hilda’s memories

Guided tours this summer will be thematic tours of Hilda’s memories – an exhibition about Hilda’s time at Gunnebo.

Hilda Sparre was Gunnebo’s last private owner; a legendary figure in the city of Mölndal and a good PR person for her beloved Gunnebo. Without her this little Gustavian gem wouldn’t have been preserved for the future, without her residents of Mölndal wouldn’t have become proud owners of a little wooden 18th century castle. This summer’s exhibition at Gunnebo is all about Hilda Sparre and her family, and in particular the year 1922, when Gunnebo formally became hers and the town of Mölndal was built. The exhibition forms part of Mölndal’s centenary celebrations.

Please note that the tours are offered in Swedish. However, during June 25–August 15 all tours at 1 PM are held in English.

Credits: Sofia Kvistborn