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Culture festival

Kulturnatta 2022

A culture festival by everyone, for everyone.

What is Kulturnatta?

For 30 years at the break of autumn – there has been a festival in Gothenburg called Kulturnatta (Culture Night). A night when the entire city is buzzing and brewing with cultural events of every kind. Here you can explore a broad mix of activities – everything from readings and theater plays to dance battles and workshops. Anything can happen at Kulturnatta!

Anyone is welcome to organize an event at Kulturnatta. There are no fees. Not for the organizers, nor the visitors. Kulturnatta does not award financial support to participants, each organizer funds their own events. Therefore, every organizer is fully responsible for their own programme – with their own stages, arenas, technical systems, permissions etc.

See the webpage when the programme is released.

Subject to changes.