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Lap-See Lam: Raining dragon scales

Shadow puppets, sculptures and music take us on a journey through time and space. This autumn, Röhsska Museum will host the solo exhibition Raining Dragon Scales, with the one of the artists of the moment, Lap-See Lam.

Lap-See Lam grew up in a building in which her parents and grandmother ran a Chinese Restaurant. With her own background and the cultural exchange between China and Europe as a starting point, the artist creates works of autofiction. What happens to information as it is handed from one generation to another, or one place and another, and how does that relate to design?

Through the use of digital design tools, Lam reimagines environments, interiors and artefacts that exist in the no man’s between East and West in artistic installations.

This exhibition features the Virtual Reality piece, Phantom Banquet (2020) and the shadow puppet play Dreamers’ Quay (2022) in separate galleries. The middle gallery concentrates on the research and design process behind the new sculpture Raining Dragon Scales (2022).

Lap:see Lam: Raining Dragon Scales, graphic design: Thomas Bush.

Phantom Banquet. Producer: Performa. Owner: Lap-See Lam/Galerie Nordenhake. Photo: Installationsvy Bonniers Konsthall, photo: Jean-Baptiste Béranger.

Lap-See Lam in front of the piece Dreamers’ Quay (Singing Chef Suits). Photo: Beata Holmgren.