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Lee Bul

Fragments of mother-of-pearl, a hovering, glassy polished zeppelin and sculptures made from military scrap metal from the border between North and South Korea.

Lee Bul is regarded as one of the most important artists in Asia and the exhibition in Gothenburg includes many central works, with an emphasis on sculpture. She is chiefly interested in questions about utopias, order and power in relation to the body, materials and architecture.

The exhibition in Gothenburg features a selection of works from the past fifteen years. A crucial piece in the exhibition is the large-format sculpture Willing to be Vulnerable, a ten metre long inflatable, hovering zeppelin in glassy polished silver metallic. These enormous, motorized gas balloons were used chiefly during the interwar period and became associated with optimism for the future and advancing technology, as well as destruction and disasters.

Lee Bul was born in 1964 and is active in Seoul.

Credits: Mark Blower.