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About performing arts

Letting Loose

Exhibition about the performing arts in transition at Gothenburg City Museum.

In the 1960s and ’70s, a pioneering and radical generation of performing artists stepped into the limelight. Young people crushed traditions, challenged conventions and changed the rules of the game for the future performing arts scene in Gothenburg. Come and enter a turbulent age!

The exhibition portrays the changes that occurred when traditional theatre art in Gothenburg was expanded into a contemporary performing arts scene characterised by mixed genres and forms of expression. Young people formed independent groups with new goals and methods that both shook up and inspired the institutional theatres. A new and progressive type of performing arts developed for a new era and a new audience. Pre-schools, suburbs and youth recreation centres were transformed into self-evident performance venues.

This exhibition displays objects and materials that were involved in these processes, both at Gothenburg’s institutional theatres and at the independent groups. It presents well-known names like Nationalteatern and Galenskaparna together with less prominent but highly influential groups such as Teater Fem and Rubicon.