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Lukas Graham

Danish band Lukas Graham, the creators behind the hit song “7 Years” are coming to Göteborg.

Lukas Graham is going on a massive European tour in the autumn of 2022. “THE PINK TOUR”. “Mama Said”, “Love Someone”, “Drunk in the Morning”, “You’re Not There” and of course “7 Years”. With singer Lukas Forchhammer, the band has been number one on the charts around the world since 2012, including in Sweden.

“7 Years” has been in the top ten in eleven countries, including the top three in the USA, Great Britain and Sweden. The song is one of the first songs in the world to be streamed over a trillion times.

In recent years, the band has grown into Denmark’s absolute favorite live band, and with their upcoming fourth studio album, they are now ready to meet their audience again.

“Ladies and gentlemen! It’s been way too long, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the amazing news that this autumn we are finally back on tour in Europe. We’ll bring a setlist of new songs and beautiful moments to share and we can’t wait to party with you and have you sing-along to all the songs you already love and know so well.” – Lukas Forchhammer.