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Choir, dance, music

NewOpera CO – Requiem

Requiem is a music-dramatic piece inspired by the Catholic Requiem Mass.

It is a ceremony where we meet in a room to share reflection, sadness, thoughtfulness and inner meditation. The newly written, remixed text is about the finality of life, the dystopian time we live in, about responsibility, guilt and reconciliation. 

In Requiem, NewOpera CO for the first time collaborates with a choir. The choral music has taken inspiration from both liturgical and classical repertoire, but also merges with electronic music and soundscapes that adds another dimension. Along with the choir, three soloists, three dancers and three musicians participate. 

Requiem is a mass for anyone who seeks a deeper understanding of the mystique of life. Requiem is a cooperation with the choir Kluster. Tobias Karlehag has made the electronic music.

Is also performed on November 6 at 16:00 in Biskobsgården Church.