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Short dance films

One on One -Episode 6

1 dancer. 1 spectator. An unforgettable one-on-one meeting.

Ingeborg Zackariassen: From every moment, a new is born. From every impuls, a new arises. But in the meeting, there is only that. Christoph von Riedemann’s story is about the flowing water that changes, builds up, throws itself out, and erodes. At Amanda Åkesson’s, restlessness and frustration get their movements in a hectic pursuit of silence and presence. Maxime Lachaume dances his last dance with GöteborgsOperans Danskompani, touching, and with confidence and curiosity.  

The dancers are longing to perform for audiences, but the auditorium is closed, and the stage lighting is switched off. That’s why GöteborgsOperans Danskompani has decided to offer dance performances involving the smallest possible number of people: one dancer and one audience member, alone in a room and a safe distance apart.  

In early spring, 31 people are given a unique encounter on the Göteborg Opera Small Stage. Each of the dancers has prepared a choreography or performance that is performed just once, for one person. Neither the dancer nor the audience member knows in advance who they will meet. 

These 31 encounters are filmed, and you can see the result in short videos. This is the sixth episode. 

See One on One. Episode 6