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Childen’s opera

Sandvargen (The Sand Wolf)

A new childen’s opera for little philosophers with big questions.

Sit down with the Sand Wolf under a starry sky where everyone is welcome. The first performance of a children’s opera based on Åsa Lind’s much-loved trilogy. Recommended for children aged 6 to 10.

Zackarina lives in a house by the sea with her parents. From the sand on the beach, she digs out a new friend, the clever Sand Wolf. While playing together, they explore existential questions and the audience also gets involved. This poetic story combines the everyday with the existential, all the while with humour, warmth and respect.

The children’s opera Sandvargen (The Sand Wolf) is based on Åsa Lind’s acclaimed, August Prize nominated trilogy, now brought to life with music. This philosophical opera is written by Johanna Fridolfsson and Malin Aghed and directed by Emelie Sigelius.

Credits: Lennart Sjöberg