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Archipelago and show

Show at M/S Trubaduren

Skärgårdslinjen M/S Trubaduren welcomes you onboard.

Step aboard the M/S Trubaduren and experience a full evening composed of entertainment, archipelago and seafood. A delightful cruise where you glide through the islets and rocks of Gothenburg’s southern islands.

Enjoy a sparkling show, with a dancing and singing crew, that will entertain you through the evening. Sit back and relax in the comfort aboard while eating a sumptuous shellfish buffet or join in with the dancing.

The number of seats on board has been greatly reduced to create space in the restaurant and make it easy for guests and staff to keep their distance. If you want to read more about what actions has been taken in place, you can find it here (in Swedish).

Credits: Skärgårdslinjen

Credits: Skärgårdslinjen

Credits: Skärgårdslinjen