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Sungazer (US)

A unique electronic jazz duo from New York

Sungazer, the unique duo that took the world by storm, comes from New York direct to Nefertiti on March 31st. The duo consisting of YouTuber/bassist Adam Neely and drummer Shawn Crowder creates modern electronic music and we can discover many influences from both pop music, 8-bit music, progressive rock and jazzy EDM. Sungazer explores the human element of improvisation within the context of modern electronic music. It is explosive, playful and striking in every way. This music of the future goes unnoticed. Don’t miss this unique performance on Nefertiti!

“Masterful fusion of electronic gadgets with human touch and soul”
Everything is Noise

“EDM meets nostalgia meets jazz meets genius.”

It’s incredibly fun to listen to.”
Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop