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The Halo Effect

The members of the new supergroup The Halo Effect are no strangers to the Swedish metal scene.

During the pandemic the friends and metal pioneers Niclas Engelin, Jesper Strömblad, Mikael Stanne, Peter Iwers and Daniel Svensson decided to start a new band – the result is The Halo Effect.

The members come from In Flames and Dark Tranquility and have known each other since the late 80s. During the 90s and onwards, the five members have played together in various constellations, above all in the previously mentioned giants; which are two of Gothenburg’s main metal exports and a sound that has influenced metal bands for decades to come.

The idea of ​​The Halo Effect was just that, to return to the members’ roots and explore how groundbreaking metal was at the time, while adding all the experience and knowledge the members have accumulated over the years. The result is a fantastic album that fans will both recognize and be pleasantly surprised by.

The Halo Effect is here to stay.