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Music theatre, concert

The Mainstream Official – Deep Fried State

Deep Fried State is a concert, a perfor­ mance, a club night on the dance floor, a musical and a furious speech.

The Mainstream Official presents a performance about passivity, digital persecution and revolution. The show is inspired by anarchist grassroot movements and their methods, by the technology that big tech companies use to record, stalk and predict our lives, and by how influencers became the big media of our time. Directed by Nicola Bremer, Saga Björklund Jönsson plays an influencer and activist who, by becoming president, disrupts the world’s economic system. Deep Fried State is a party and a revolution.

“Cat videos can bring down governments – as we learned from the famous influencer Miau Zedong. But then he said: ’Just kitten!’ and turned into the worst cat-pitalist ever. I guess history is like me when I try to teach something to my cats: always repeating itself.”

The show is performed in English, and is produced with the financial support of Creative Europe.