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Maritime art exhibition

The maritime art gallery

Welcome to the maritime art gallery on board Maritiman. Here, maritime art from the Artists’ Alliance can be viewed, where both objects and artists are exchanged continuously during the season to create a live exhibition.

In the 2021 season, a live art exhibition will be opened on board the destroyer Småland. Here we welcome artists from the Artists’ Alliance who through various expressions illustrate maritime environments and moods. Both objects and artists will be replaced regularly during the year.

Current artists

From 16-29 June, art from David Holmlund and Mats Mattsson Boström can be seen on board the destroyer Småland.

David Holmlund

Ever since he was a child, David Holmlund has been interested in giving life to wood substances that he has found in nature. But it was not until 1991 that handicraft really took off. 

David’s unique talent was quickly noticed and his career got an extra boost when the author Sven Nordqvist gave David his approval to create the old man Pettson, the cat Findus, the hen Prillan and the gang. The cozy characters from Nordqvist’s books have come to be close to David’s heart after many hours of reading aloud when the children were small. David has exhibited his sculptures at the NK department store, the Nordic Museum and Liljevalchs in Stockholm.

Mats Mattsson Boström

Inspired by an early established interest in architecture and art history, Mats Mattsson Boström portrays the aspiration and tension between chaotic forces of nature, the soft chaos of organic decay around us and the orthogonal grid of human culture and the desire for uniformity.

At The Maritime Art Gallery, Mats exhibits a collage of images from his artistic production that all have in common that they have taken considerable inspiration from Joseph Mallord William Turner’s monumental (probably unfinished) canvas “A disaster at sea”.

Mats Mattsson Boström was born in 1985 in Borås and is educated at Gothenburg Art School and Chalmers Architecture Department. He has previously participated in Borås Art Museum and Edsvik Art Gallery, the project “Moving Art Project” nationally and exhibited separately at Gallery F.U.K.K, Borås Free Culture Academy and Nadén Studio.

The Maritime Art Gallery

The art gallery is located inside the destroyer Småland and is included in Maritiman’s regular entrance fee. For a safe and secure museum experience, visitors need to pre-book arrival time and buy tickets via Maritimans webshop.

Credits: Maritiman

Credits: Maritiman