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The New Eye. The Interwar Era through the Lens.

During the summer, the Hasselblad Foundation will show a large research-based exhibition on interwar lens cultures. The exhibition contains about 400 objects in the form of photography, film, documentary, magazines and books from the period.

The period between 1919 and 1939 was marked, both in Sweden and around the world, by major technological, social and cultural changes in which photography and film played a central role. During the interwar period, the two lens media became ever-present and ubiquitous in everyday life, art, education, entertainment, science and news media.

The Exhibition The New Eye. The interwar period through the lens shows a wide selection of photography and film from the interwar period. Some of the material is well known but there are also rarities that have not been exhibited before. The content of the exhibition is mainly from Sweden and Gothenburg, but it also includes perspectives on international trends and networks.

Gšteborg – 1929-10-13 – HT:s fotoutstŠllning – i svart hatt ser vi redaktšr Helge HŠrneman – signaturen HŒce – *** Local Caption *** GT – LŒda 1929-06