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The Röhsska Museum’s Design History

The Röhsska Museum’s collection of design and craft takes you on a journey from early 19th-century industrialism, via modernism and the birth of the welfare state, to today’s information era, with many highlights from the Museum’s collections including familiar design classics.

The Röhsska Museum’s Design History exhibition is a chronological presentation of 200 years of design development – illustrated by some 1,000 design classics, with the most iconic items from each era: furniture, industrial design, fashion, posters, textiles, ceramics, glass, and many other objects.

Design classics

You will find many familiar and iconic design pieces here, not just designer objects, but everyday utensils that you might remember from your own childhood. Mass-produced or unique. Objects that were considered to be good design, as well as objects that were not necessarily considered beautiful.

An Encyclopaedia of design history

This permanent collection display is a unique encyclopaedia of design – but with a visual experience and sensations that you can’t get from a book. Walking through the galleries, the visitor will be able to trace the history of design, taking in the different eras that signified progress and innovation, aesthetics and styles, process and materials – all of which connects to wider societal changes in the past 200 years.

Credits: Mikael Lammgård, Röhsska museet