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Outdoor concerts

The Summer Scene at Villa Belparc

Villa Belparc will be visited by Sweden’s elite artists in a series of concerts.

Villa Belparc is located like an oasis in the scenic Slottsskogen city park, within walking distance of central Gothenburg. This, together with good parking opportunities and easily accessible public transport, makes Villa Belparc’s geographical location ideal.

The following artists visit this summer

  • July 7, Thomas Di Leva
  • July 8, Weeping Willows
  • July 13, Ed Harcourt
  • July 14, Tommy Nilsson, Jennifer Brown, Andreas Johnson
  • July 15, Noice
  • July 21, Eric Gadd
  • July 27, Lasse Stefanz
  • July 28, Loreen
  • July 31, Sanna Nielsen
  • August 2, Lisa Nilsson
  • August 19, Tomas Andersson Wij