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Art Exhibition

Wonderful Colour. Gothenburg Colourism in a New Light

Discover West Coast Painting Shimmering with Colour.

Gothenburg colourism in a new perspective

With the exhibition Wonderful Colour. Gothenburg Colourism in a New Light, Gothenburg Museum of Art is showing a major exhibition of the Gothenburg Colourists for the first time since the 1980s, thereby introducing this beloved art to new generations of visitors. In addition, it does so with a new perspective on an art movement whose historiography has been heavily influenced by outdated biographical interpretations.

The Gothenburg Museum of Art has always been an important place for colourism in the city. The young artists visited the newly opened premises during the 1920s and were inspired by the collection. Today, the museum has the country’s foremost collection of Gothenburg colourists. The wonderful colour. Gothenburg colourism in a new light, is a jubilee exhibition for 2023, when the Gothenburg Museum of Art turns 100 years old and Gothenburg celebrates its 400th birthday. It is a long-awaited tribute to the city’s own art history.