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Twelfth Night Concert and Ball

Only the best will do.

A magical evening with a cavalcade of music, a ball on the Main Stage and delicious food and drink.

Experience an unforgettable Twelfth Night overflowing with fantastic music and delicious food and drink. This tailor-made winter concert celebrates Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary with gems from each musical performed at the Göteborg Opera over the years. The comedic Duratrion trio – with musical performers Tobias Ahlsell, David Lundqvist and Anders Wängdahl – will guide you through this sumptuous musical extravaganza. Duratrion also perform the songs along with fellow musical artists Julia Carlström, Karin Mårtenson Ghods and Micaela Sjöstedt.

After the concert, the Main Stage will be transformed into a ballroom. The Göteborg Opera’s Viennese orchestra will invite you to dance, before handing the baton to the Stardust Big Swing Band with Erik Gullbransson and the Smoke Rings Sisters. As the dancers sweep past you’ll see tail-coats, tuxedos, full-length silk gowns, black sheath dresses and kilts – dress in whatever you think is beautiful!

It’s entirely up to you whether you want to top off the evening with something delicious, either before or after the concert. The restaurant, Opera Bar and cafés will offer a variety of menus. Most of the dinner options must be pre-booked, and we recommend booking well in advance.

In conjunction with the Twelfth Night Concert and Ball, we offer dance lessons so you can learn the basics of the foxtrot and waltz (or improve your skills if you already know the basics). Watch this space for more information.

Trettondags Bal Credits: Lennart Sjöberg